Q: Is New-Beat a European company?

Although our artists live in Europe, our company is in Houston, Texas, USA. As of right now, our square dance music is recorded in the US.



Q: When I buy a tune, how long does it take to process the order?


Orders are processed immediately upon purchase. Music is ready for download right after payment. If you didn't have a chance to download after payment, just login in to your account and choose "My Downloads"



Q: The tune I downloaded is not working correctly. Can it be replaced?


Yes. Simply send an Email to feedback@new-beat.net and it will be attended to ASAP.



Q: Do you accept checks or cash?


No. We are simply not set up for that. The PayPal system is easy to set up with your checking or savings account.



Q: Can I pay with a credit card?


Yes, still choose the paypal option. When you get to the paypal site, simply choose "guest", and then your are able to pay without having a paypal account.



Q: Is PayPal safe?


Absolutely. The security with a PayPal payment is as good, if not better than a normal payment.



Q: What are the “specs” of your Mp3 files?


The Mp3’s are distributed at 44.100 Khz and 192 Kbits. This is why they are slightly larger than an average Mp3 file. The higher Kbits number helps keep the quality of the recording intact if the speed or pitch is altered. Lower quality Mp3’s will have a “thumping” sound or lose “color” when there are such changes.



Q: I would like to record a tune, how can I do that?


We have a new sub-label called Beat4dance. Please send an Email to feedback@new-beat.net if you are interested.